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Morse Runner 說明


                              Contest Simulator


               Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA



  - Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP;
  - works on Linux systems under WINE (info TNX F8BQQ).


  - run Setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.


  - click on Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel;
  - select Morse Runner in the list of installed programs and click on Remove.



    Call - enter your contest callsign here.

    QSK - simulates the semi-duplex operation of the radio. Enable it if your
      physical radio supports QSK. If it doesn't, enable QSK anyway to see
      what you are missing.

    CW Speed - select the CW speed, in WPM (PARIS system) that matches your
      skills. The calling stations will call you at about the same speed.

    CW Pitch - pitch in Hz.

    RX Bandwidth - the receiver bandwidth, in Hz.

    Audio Recording Enabled - when this menu option is checked, MR saves
      the audio in the MorseRunner.wav file. If this file already
      exists, MR overwrites it.

  Band Conditions

     I tried to make the sound as realistic as possible, and included a few
     effects based on the mathematical model of the ionospheric propagation.
     Also, some of the calling stations exhibit less then perfect operating
     skills, again to make the simulation more realistic. These effects can
     be turned on and off using the checkboxes described below.

     QRM - interference form other running stations occurs from time to time.

     QRN - electrostatic interference.

     QSB - signal strength varies with time (Rayleigh fading channel).

     Flutter - some stations have "auroral" sound.

     LIDS - some stations call you when you are working another station,
       make mistakes when they send code, copy your messages incorrectly,
       and send RST other than 599.

     Activity - band activity, determines how many stations on average
       reply to your CQ.

  Audio buffer size

    You can adjust the audio buffer size by changing the BufSize value in the
    MorseRunner.ini file. Acceptable values are 1 through 5, the default is 3.
    Increase the buffer size for smooth audio without clicks and interruptions;
    decrease the size for faster response to keyboard commands.

  Competition duration

    The default duration of a competition session is 60 minutes. You can set it
    to a smaller value by changing the CompetitionDuration entry in the
    MorseRunner.ini file, e.g.:


  Calls From Keyer

    If you have an electronic keyer that simulates a keyboard - that is, sends
    all transmitted characters to the PC as if they were entered from a keyboard,
    you can add the following to the INI file:


    With this option enabled, the callsign entered into the CALL field is not
    transmitted by the computer when the corresponding key is pressed. This option
    has no effect in the WPX and HST competition modes.


The contest can be started in one of four modes.

Pile-Up mode: a random number of stations calls you after you send a CQ. Good
   for improving copying skills.

Single Calls mode: a single station calls you as soon as you finish the
   previous QSO. Good for improving typing skills.

WPX Compteition mode: similar to the Pile-Up mode, but band conditions and contest
   duration are fixed and cannot be changed. The keying speed and band activity
   are still under your control;

HST Competition mode: all settings conform to the IARU High Speed Telegraphy
   competition rules.

To start a contest, set the duration of the exercise in the Run for NN Minutes
box (only for Pile-Up and Single Calls modes), and click on the desired mode
in the Run button's menu. In the Pile-Up and Competition mode, hit F1 or Enter
to send a CQ.


  F1-F8 - sends one of the pre-defined messages. The buttons under the input
    fields have the same functions as these keys, and the captions
    of the buttons show what each key sends.

  "\" - equivalent to F1.

  Esc - stop sending.

  Alt-W, Ctrl-W, F11 - wipe the input fields.

  Alt-Enter, Shift-Enter, Ctrl-Enter - save QSO.

  <Space> - auto-complete input, jump between the input fields.

  <Tab>, Shift-<Tab> - move to the next/previous field.

  ";", <Ins> - equivalent to F5 + F2.

  "+", ".", ",", "[" - equivalent to F3 + Save.

  Enter - sends various messages, depending on the state of the QSO;

  Up/Down arrows - RIT;

  Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down arrows - bandwidth;

  PgUp/PgDn, Ctrl-F10/Ctrl-F9, Alt-F10/Alt-F9 - keying speed,
    in 5 WPM increments.


The exchange consists of the RST and the serial number of the QSO.

The score is a product of points (# of QSO) and multiplier (# of different

The bottom right panel shows your current score, both Raw (calculated
from your log) and Verified (calculated after comparing your log to other
stations' logs). The histogram shows your raw QSO rate in 5-minute blocks.

The log window marks incorrect entries in your log as follows:

  DUP - duplicate QSO.

  NIL - not in other station's log: you made a mistake in the callsign, or forgot
    to send the corrected call to the station.

  RST - incorrect RST in your log.

  NR - incorrect exchange number in your log.


If you complete a full 60-minute session in the WPX Competition mode, Morse Runner
will generate a score string that you can post to the Score Board on the web:
<http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/MrScore.asp>. Copy and paste your score
string into the box on the web page and click on the Submit button.

You can view your previous score strings using the File -> View Score menu
73 de Vr2ao
calling from Hong Kong

浮雲偶遇 清風隨緣

轉貼 CW訓練軟體圖解 模擬比賽

Morse Runner  中文說明

功能表上面有RUN,最下面一個就是1小時的比賽(類比真實通連情況)結束以後會給你一個帶序列號的成績,把這行全部複製到FILE功能表下面-View Hi-Score web page 他提示的網站上面的SUMMIT視窗就可以提交你的成績了,第一個是全部處理PILE-UP,第二個是一個一個跟你通連,根據需要選擇就可以了。
F8- AGN 這個我最常用,沒聽明白的時候讓對方重複
CW SPEED就不用說了吧

回車是最常用的,回車=CQ=599+NR=TU ;點開始後即可以回車=CQ 抄下對方呼號後回車=599 001;抄下對方的NR後回車=TU ;再回車下一個CQ,如果Pile-UP就繼續抄下一個呼號,Tab使游標在call rst nr 這三個位置上迴圈移動,空白鍵使游標在call nr位元上置移動,回車也可移動游標在call nr位置(抄下呼號回車游標即移到nr位)。

CW訓練軟體圖解 模擬比賽    http://www.rmblog.com/user1/308/arc...2005/12537.html
這是一個類比CW比賽的軟體,類比的非常逼真,Pile-UP 、QRN、QRM、QSB等等都可以選,給我們再現了一個真實的比賽環境,我們可以隨時的運行它加入到比賽中。
73 de Vr2ao
calling from Hong Kong

浮雲偶遇 清風隨緣